RPO represents industry professionals to the NYC Department of Buildings. 

We engage in consulting for projects of all sizes and types - from demolition to new buildings, minor alterations, construction equipment, signs, places of assembly and more.  

We perform all services necessary for construction and demolition projects such as:  

  • Consult with architects, engineers and/or building owners to determine the appropriate strategies for filing their projects.
  • File projects with all divisions at DOB.
  • Meet with staff at all levels to obtain approvals of filings. 
  • Obtain contractor work permits.
  • Establish permit accounts and update insurance for contractors.
  • Obtain after-hour work variances.
  • Perform on-site mock inspections prior to DOB construction inspections. 
  • Schedule and attend on-site construction inspections.
  • Track all requirements needed for Certificate of Occupancy projects. 
  • Certification of violations at the Administrative Enforcement Unit.
  • Interface with the Department of Small Business services for waterfront projects.
  • Notify clients about relevant changes in requirements and procedures.