DOB NOW: Build is a new platform designed to replace the current Building Information System (BIS) and eFiling systems. The use of this program is now REQUIRED for the filing of sidewalk sheds, supported scaffolds, construction fences, signs, curb cuts, and façade repair applications. The program will continue to incorporate more filings in the future.

Stakeholders, including...

         * Professional Engineers

         * Registered Architects

         * Licensed Special Inspectors

         * Owners

         * Filing Representatives

...are all REQUIRED to participate in the filing, permit, and signoff processes and are all REQUIRED to create online accounts to access DOB NOW: Build.

Owners, Professionals and Contractors must follow the required steps to register - including confirmation via emails and mailing in required documents. 

The eFiling Registration Form is the portal to register for DOB NOW: BUILD, however because of the limitations of the system at the present time, we recommend working with RPO to develop a strategy for registration so we can best assist you with the filings that require stakeholder involvement as well as the maintenance of the required on-line accounts. 

After registering for an account in eFiling, stakeholders will then be able to use DOB NOW: Build

The RPO staff is available to assist in the initiation and maintenance of the REQUIRED online accounts. Please contact our office if you would like assistance with this process.