RPO is very pleased to announce that its 24/7 DOT Emergency Permit Call Center is now live.

This service will enable your field staff to phone our call center from the job site and have an e-permit issued when they are ready to commence work. This service provides numerous benefits to clients, such as:

* Ease of use - field staff need only call our center. Our trained consultants will work with them to ascertain the detailed requirements of the job to ensure they obtain the proper permit.

* Timing- no prior planning is needed on the part of your staff. The proper permit can be obtained at the exact time it is required and after verifying the field conditions.

* Automatic permit conversion - once e-permits are processed through the call center, permit conversions will occur automatically and on time. This will reduce or eliminate the need for clients' middle office management of these permits.

* Reduction of violations - proper timing will eliminate violations for not beginning work within the prescribed time frame, and more detailed information will yield better stipulations on permit conversions. This will makes it easier for contractors to lawfully perform work, thus reducing the risk of incurring these types of violations.

For more information about the RPO 24/7 Emergency Permit Call Center or to register to use it, please contact Joseph Dodds at extension 1210.



We have had numerous inquiries about the licensure and limitations of Construction Superintendents.

One of the questions we were recently asked is:

"Can I use a Site Safety Manager to perform the duties of a Construction Superintendent (CS) for a project that requires a CS?"

The answer is NO.  You must use a registered CS for these projects. 

Furthermore, the Department of Buildings (DOB) is stepping up its enforcement of the limit of 10 active jobs for Construction Superintendents.  They are working to add an automatic stop at permit issuance if a CS is already registered for 10 active jobs.  Some ways to manage this problem are:

*  Obtain sign-offs or letters of completion expeditiously for jobs that are completed; or

*  Request a waiver of the CS requirement when all construction/demolition work that triggered the requirement is completed in accordance with the approved construction documents.  Once submitted, reviewed and approved, the DOB may remove the CS requirement and disassociate the CS from that project allowing her/him to be eligible to register for other project(s). 

Please contact our office for more information about what types of projects require Construction Superintendents or to assist you in obtaining a CS waiver. 


Please contact our office at

(212) 566-5110 to receive yours.