RPO, Inc. interacts regularly with all sub-agencies within the DOT, such as the Office of Construction Mitigation and Coordination (permit office), Street Lighting Division, Traffic Division, Engineering Division, Bureau of Bridges, etc.   Our service includes the following:

  • Consult with clients to develop staging strategies for construction, prepare staging plans and present them to the DOT in order to negotiate optimal permit stipulations.
  • Obtain all types of construction permits for public and private development projects.  
  • Obtain approvals and permits for work on bridges and piers.
  • Obtain permits to move over-dimensional and/or over-weight vehicles through City.
  • Obtain approvals to temporarily remove or relocate street lights and traffic signals.
  • Obtain approvals for building and utility vaults.
  • Obtain approvals for temporary and permanent traffic regulation changes. 
  • Obtain approvals for relocation of bus stops during construction.
  • Obtain approvals for revocable consents such as planters, sidewalk canopies, fences, stoops, bike racks, overhead bridges, and other such infrastructure to be placed on, under or over City streets.
  • Obtain full roadway closing permits for major construction events and develop traffic detour plans for same. 
  • Obtain land contour permits.
  • Conduct records research for project planning and law suits.  
  • Consult with all other related agencies as required to obtain permits from NYC DOT such as NYS DOT, NYC DEP, MTA, NYC DPR, NYC DOS and others.